Hopi Mission School is a
Christian school whose faculty,
staff, and board are dedicated
to promoting sound academic
instruction in a spiritual, safe,
caring, and constructive  
Christ-centerned environment.
About Us
The Hopi Mission School was created by a group of Hopi Christian families
that wanted their children to learn the teachings of the Bible. Before the
Mission School was built, school was being held at the Mennonite church in
New Oraibi, now called Kykotsmovi.

Parents asked Reverend Albert Jantzen, who was the pastor at New Oraibi at
the time, to build a school for their children. In 1951, a school house was built
for an enrollment of 16 students.

Today the school is 63 years old and is still going strong with the support of
its loving and caring staff, students and family, board members, volunteers,
and churches that continue to support the well-being of the school, making
Hopi Mission School a wonderful place for a student to learn.
The school is governed by the Hopi Mission School Board whose members are representatives of local churches and the
community at large.

    Hopi Mission School Board Members today include:
  • Ron Winterberg
  • Camille Quotskuyva
  • Garyth Poocha
  • Matt Schneider

*If you wish to contact the Hopi Mission School Board, please submit in writing and deliver to the school at:

                                 Hopi Mission School Board
                                 c/o Hopi Mission School
                                 PO Box 39
                                 Kykotsmovi, AZ 86039
Over the years the enrollment has reached a high of 120 students in grades
K-8th. Today there are grades K-8th, with 70 students.

The school is a happy place for the students to learn about the teachings of
the Lord as well as to further their education.
One of the many mesa's looking down at HMS from a distance.
PO Box 39
1 Hopi Mission School Rd
Kykotsmovi, AZ  86039
Phone: (928)734-2453
Fax: (928)734-5126
email: hmschool03@gmail.com
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